God is pouring out His blessings upon Elisha and all those under his care. The Israelite army is enjoying great protection and victory, and the miracles from last chapter continue. Everything seems almost too perfect until a famine hits Israel. The king gets so upset about the condition of his people he threatens to kill Elisha. The horrible circumstances shocked him and created an anger in him towards God and His prophets. This chapter reminds us that God is good all the time, but we still have struggles that we might not have created. We have several people in our church who are battling cancer. In every instance, it is a serious diagnosis, and one that we do not necessarily expect because of past life choices. In those moments, we must decide if our circumstances will define our relationship with God, or if our relationship with God will define our circumstances. You might do everything right growing up and still face a cancer diagnosis. We cannot always control a disease, but we can control how we respond to that disease. Just as God was with His people during this horrible famine, He will be with us through our most difficult trials. He will not abandon us, but we must call out to Him for help before we truly experience it. The king responded poorly when he saw the severity of the famine; how will you respond to the next great battle you will fight?

Help me, Lord, to allow You to define my circumstances for me. Help me to lean on You through those difficult battles knowing my only hope for survival is You.