God continues to show off His power through His prophet, Elisha. He takes enough oil to make one loaf of bread and uses it to fill enough bottles to sell, pay a debt, and live comfortably. He also takes a meal that is filled with a poisonous vine and makes it edible with a handful of flour. His last incredible miracle centers around a lady who has built a small apartment on the roof of her home just for Elisha. She is barren, and Elisha promises her a son in nine-months time. The baby was beautiful and an amazing gift for this lady and her husband until the child took sick and died. Elisha comes to the lady's home and brings the son back to life. Through Elisha, God provided for the widow, protected the prophets with the poisonous stew, and brought life to one who was dead. Elisha would never take credit for these miracles, because he was simply a vessel for God to use. Each one came directly from God. Does God still work in that manner today? Does He still provide, protect, and bring life from death? He definitely does, but we normally find those kinds of miracles in the Bible and rarely see them in our lives, because we are not paying attention. We serve the God of miracles, and He is always ready to perform the impossible to reveal Himself to others. Start looking for miracles today. You might be surprised by what you find.

Help me, Lord, to look for daily miracles that are clearly from You. Help me to proclaim Your majesty and Your miraculous works to all who will listen.