While many truths can be harvested from this chapter, the one that sticks in my mind is right at the end when the desperate king sacrifices his son to some god.  He sacrifices his son’s life for his own good.  I think he might have had his priorities in the wrong order.  I believe that God has called me to put Him first, my spouse second, my children third, and the rest of life follows after.  When work or a hobby takes priority over family, then we will sacrifice our children for them.  We might not actually kill them, but we tell them clearly that they are unimportant and that love does not come from a parental unit.  We basically teach them they are second-class citizens instead of the precious gifts that God has given us.  I am not a fan of spoiling children, but I do believe they should hold priority over everything but God and my spouse.  Their needs are far more important thine mine could ever be, and time with my children should be an absolute blessing, not a burden.  They should always feel accepted, cherished, and challenged to obey.  This is the way God tells us to raise our children.  Have you offered your children on the altar of success or pleasure or money?  Have they learned to live as second-class citizens looking for love in all the wrong places?  Today is the day to reprioritize our time so that we celebrate our kids instead of offering them as a sacrifice.

Help me, Lord, to celebrate my children for the precious gift they are from You.  Help me to put each priority into its proper place so that Your name can be lifted high and my family can know they are loved.