The final blow is landed by Nebuchadnezzar on his third attack of Jerusalem. It lasted for two years and ended because of a famine in the city of Zion. The king at the time, Zedekiah, watched his children killed and then had his eyes poked out so it would be the last thing he ever saw. Nebuchadnezzar sent his commander to level Jerusalem and finish the captivity of her people. Judah no longer existed; the land was now part of the Babylonian Empire. Why did God send them into captivity? He knew they would never leave the worship of idols alone until He did so. God knew exactly what was needed to bring His people to their knees. As parents, we are given the responsibility to do the same, as we help them overcome sin and teach them how to walk with God. My children are completely different when it comes to discipline. One would give in if I just touched my belt, while the other was defiant until we found her "weakness." We were never mean, but we were creative in the way that we disciplined our children. They knew we loved them too much to leave them to their own sin nature. Are you taking this role of parenting seriously? Are you always looking for new and creative ways to help those little blessings to overcome sin and walk closely with Jesus? God knew what it would take to get His kids to put away their idols. Do you know what it will take to remove that sin your children hold to so tightly?

Help me, Lord, to love my kids more than I love my personal time or comfort. Help me to be creative when I discipline my kids focusing more on the goal of righteousness and less upon my own personal anger.