The end is near for Judah yet she continues to rebel against the Lord. God's condemnation of His people is heart-breaking; that they do not care takes it to a completely different level. These are no longer His people in the way they think, act, or worship. Yahweh is foreign to them, because they have filled their lives with the worship of other gods. They have defamed His temple by building altars to their gods right beside the altar of the Almighty. They did not act like His people in anyway whatsoever. When Nebuchadnezzar arrived at Jerusalem, the people had no choice but to surrender and hope for civility in their captivity. In three separate raids, the Babylonians departed almost all of the people back to the homeland and destroyed everything that the Jews supposedly held to so tightly. The Babylonians showed no mercy to Jerusalem or to the people that were exported to a foreign land. How far have you wandered from the Almighty? How many activities have you been involved in that you never, ever thought you would be? How much influence does God have in your everyday life? Thankfully, we never have to fear condemnation, because of Jesus, our Redeemer and King. He paid the price for our sin and offers complete forgiveness to all who will believe. We can still fall away from the Lord. We can forget how good and loving He is and walk in the flesh for a time. While God will not bring a Nebuchadnezzar into your life; He will allow you to face the consequences of your actions. He will discipline you to draw you back to Himself. He loves you that much!

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You and confess sin when it gets the upper hand in my life. Help me to live everyday as Your child representing all the goodness and love that You possess.