Did you notice how long it took for Josiah to undo the mess that his father and grandfather created? It seems that he was constantly tearing down altars to false gods and killing the priests who led people in that kind of worship. The writer says that Josiah had to rid the temple of the Lord from prostitutes. While common in the worship of certain false gods, the Old Testament law expressly forbid prostitution of any kind and called for the death of those involved in it (Leviticus 19:29; Deuteronomy 22:21). It is no wonder that even with Josiah's godly reign in Judah, God would not relent from sending His people into captivity. What is happening in today's church that causes God to cringe? We seem to think that worship involves anything we want it to. The Scriptures, however, reveal God's plan for worship and help us know exactly what He wants us to do. Our flesh will never lead us to God's will, even in the area of worship. It is not enough to have a good attitude; instead, God has called us to have an obedient attitude that surrenders fully to His plan. Why do you worship the way you do? Is it tradition? Your comfort with it? Popularity? Or is it because you know this is how God wants it done? Worship is more about the One being celebrated and less about the one who brings the celebration to the table. As you worship the Lord throughout the day and on Sunday, will you do so based upon your personal ideas, or will you focus your attention on what He says?

Help me, Lord, to worship You as You have told me to. Help me to have that spirit of obedience that causes me to seek Your will above all else.