I love the chapters in the Scriptures that talk about King Josiah. He takes the throne at a young age and uses his authority to do some good in Judah. He asks the priests to handle a major remodeling project of the temple and to pay the workers using a part of the offerings received at the temple. While the project is underway, the workers find the Book of the Law, the Scriptures of Josiah's day. Once he hears God's Word, Josiah reacts with repentance and a readiness to lead His people back to God. Yahweh has already pronounced His future plans for the captivity of His people, but He promises to withhold those plans until Josiah is no longer on the throne. Josiah honored God and His Word, and God honored Josiah for His worship and service. Judah was cursed, yet for a short time, they enjoyed God's blessings because they returned to the Scriptures. As Christ-followers, we will never be accursed, because of God's grace and mercy extended to us through His Son, Jesus. God, however, still honors His Word. I may never be an adequate spouse or parent, but when I honor God by studying and obeying His Word, He will honor what I strive to do in those areas. He will do a work that is bigger than us in the lives of our spouse and children. Are you honoring God's Word by taking time each day to study it? Are you honoring God's Word by applying what you just studied to your everyday life? If you will honor God's Word, He will honor you throughout your life.

Help me, Lord, to honor Your Word by studying and applying it each day. Help me to hear Your Word and respond with repentance and obedience.