How does a godly king raise an ungodly son? I am not really sure how it happens, but we see it regularly on the throne of Judah. Hezekiah walked in the ways of his father, David, and his son, Manasseh, reversed all of the good that his father did and worshiped the gods of the surrounding nations. He sacrificed his son and went deeper in sin than the heathen all around them. The result, of course, was devastating upon the land, because the people followed him wholeheartedly. They did whatever he led them to do and rebelled against the Lord bringing divine retribution upon themselves. I ask again, how could a godly king raise an ungodly son? Did he spend too much time at work and not enough at home? Did he leave all the "rearing" to his wife? Did Hezekiah raise his son in "church and not in Christ?" How does it happen? I have no clue, but it cannot discourage us from trying with all our might to raise our children "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." We must fight for their future through prayer and by setting a strong example for them to follow. This is God's calling upon our lives as parents, and we cannot shirk our responsibilities. Their future depends upon it. If you do everything exactly right, will that guarantee a godly future for your kids? I wish I could say that it does, but we have no guarantees; we simply walk by faith.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith today! Help me to raise my children for your glory and honor and pray daily for their future walk with You!