Hezekiah gets sick and is told by the prophet, Isaiah, that he will die in a short time from the illness.  The king turns towards the wall and focuses all of his attention upon the only One who can heal him.  Before Isaiah leaves the courtyard of the palace, God tells him to turn around and tell the king he will live for another fifteen years.  With all the technology and medical advances that we now have, we still cannot guarantee a cure 100% of the time.  We can go through all the “normal” treatments, but we might not be healed.  God is the only One who can guarantee healing.  He might miraculously heal a person on earth, or He might use the medicines of the day to do so, but His greatest tool for healing is heaven.  I am sure you try to stay away from cliches when people lose a loved one, but it is true that whoever that person is, he/she has no more pain or suffering, because heaven heals all.  We sometimes get so caught up in praying people out of heaven that we forget our ultimate goal is to make sure many more will join us in eternity.  Hezekiah knew that only God could heal him so the king went to the King of all kings for help in a hopeless situation.  Will He always heal?  I believe He will but maybe not in the way you would want Him to.  Stop questioning God’s plan and start a quest to take as many people to glory with you as possible.

Help me, Lord, to seek You first as my Great Physician.  Help me to focus on those that need Your Son while praying for those Christians who are sick or in need!