As Elijah finishes his last day on earth, he prepares Elisha, the next great prophet in Israel, for his new responsibilities. He gives him his outer robe and promises to double his own abilities in the young man. When God sends for Elijah, everyone knew that He was coming. He revealed His plan to multiple prophets, but none could imagine just how God would show up to take Elijah to heaven. Afterward, Elisha heads back through the places they toured and meets another group of prophets. They ask if he will send them to search for Elijah for three days. Elisha told them not to waste their time, but they would not leave it alone, so the prophet sent them looking for his predecessor. After three days of searching, they returned empty-handed just as Elisha said they would. Elisha heard God's plan, and then he believed it to be true. He knew that searching for Elijah was a waste of time, because God took him to heaven in a fiery chariot. I hope you are finding new steps and enjoying God's kindness every single day as you hear His voice and obey whatever He says by faith. Elisha had no hesitation, because he knew God and trusted fully in Him.

Help me, Lord, to trust fully in You and not hesitate when I hear Your voice and walk by faith. Help me to seek Your plan for my life understanding it is far better than any plan I can ever create.