Hezekiah is the godliest king to sit on the throne of the divided Judah. He has torn down all the secret places of worship and has pointed people back to Yahweh and to His temple. He is doing things God's way, but he still faces attacks and struggles. The Assyrians who just wiped out the nation of Israel are now attacking Judah. They are a massive army and are not used to losing a battle. They threaten to destroy Jerusalem and push for surrender. Hezekiah takes two important steps: he goes to God's prophet for advice, and he sets aside time during the day to talk directly to God about the problem before Him. Hezekiah did what he could to protect his people, but he knew that ultimately God was his refuge and strength. Hezekiah walked by faith and watched God do some miraculous stuff as He kills a portion of the Assyrian army and sends them back to their homeland while Judah never lifted a finger. Can you imagine God stepping into your life in such a manner and doing something miraculous? He can and will do exactly that as you lay down your own ideas and seek His will above all else. We must walk by faith and not by fear believing God can do what we could never imagine. Hezekiah prayed by faith and enjoyed God's response. Will you do that today?

Help me, Lord, to seek wise counsel and pray continually for the problems that show up in my life. Help me to walk by faith through those hard times and find my refuge and strength in You.