We are now introduced to Hezekiah, the godliest king to sit on the throne of Judah after the split from Israel. The Bible says that he followed the ways of his father, David, completely. Other kings have followed portions of David's example, but none have gone so far as to rid the land of the "high places" that have existed since the split. He points people directly to God for assistance and worship and keeps their minds "stayed on Him" and not upon the frivolous possibilities the world puts before them. He is truly a godly leader as we will see in the next few chapters. He will live, as David did, after God's own heart and lead His people to do the same. God has called each of us to lead people to His throne for salvation or greater sanctification. We each have a mission field in our lives. For some, the mission field is the workplace, for others, it is the home, for other, it is the neighborhood or a place of ministry in your community. We all have a place to lead others to Christ, but we, like Hezekiah, must choose to put Him first and foremost in our lives so that He can work through us to lead others. As a Christian, you are leading people either to Christ or away from Him. Hezekiah chose to lead His people back to Yahweh. Will you?

Help me, Lord, to walk in Your ways as I strive to lead others to salvation or a greater sanctification. Help me to see the mission field that You have given me and strive to reach each person for their good and Your glory.