Those who rebel against the Lord will take what God has commanded and twist it to fit their specific needs or wants. Ahaz, the king of Judah, is the perfect example. After he asks another king to help him defeat his enemies; he wants to keep peace with that king so he builds an exact replica of an altar that the heathen king used. He puts it in front of the temple and actually corrupts the sacrifices that were still happening to some extent. He commands the priest to use the new, supposedly "better" altar for the daily sacrifices. This does not honor God in any way, because it takes what He commanded and shifts it to fit the king's needs. We can be guilty of doing the same. We can take church which was started by God and turn it into something that God never intended it to be. We can take marriage that is ordained by God and add to or subtract from it to meet our supposed needs. We somehow think that our way is better than God's way and live according to our beliefs and our plans without ever seeking the Lord's guidance. We call ourselves Christ-followers, but we prefer for Christ to follow us. We want Him to conform to our ideas and plans. Ahaz was not a follower of Yahweh, but he knew just enough about Him to be dangerous. When we study Scripture, we must stop bringing new millennial-thinking with us. God has called us to read and study His Word as He has written it and in the historical setting it was written in. Only then can we know what God is asking of us and obey.

Help me, Lord, to stop trying to make the Scriptures transform to my way of thinking. Help me to study Your Word as You have written it and learn how to honor You with my words, actions, and attitudes.