As I continue to read through short snippets of kings in Israel and Judah, it reminds me of my own spiritual journey. Some days, I am walking with God, hearing His voice, and enjoying His blessings. Other days, I am walking in utter rebellion, living in guilt, and missing out on God's blessings. How does that happen? I can only suggest that sin nature plays a big role in it. We love God and His goodness, but we also love our sin and sometimes feel as if we have to do it. Paul faced this struggle and describes it beautifully in Romans 7. He wanted to do right but did not always do it, and he wanted to stay away from sin but rarely accomplished that either. It was a daily battle; a battle won not with guns and maneuvers but with prayer, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit working and moving in us. You are not alone in this. Satan loves to make us feel as if we are the only ones struggling. We all struggle: from the pastor to the most recent new member, we all struggle with sin. That means you are not alone in this battle. Others have faced what you are facing and have found victory. This is what the church is all about! Stop trying to fix it on your own and start seeking help from those in your church family that you trust most.

Help me, Lord, to stand against the sin that tries to taint my testimony and hinder my walk with You. Help me to enlist the assistance of those in my church who have faced similar struggles and found victory.