I find it amazing that this writer can zip through the names of these kings without slowing down to give us an extended recap of their lives and leadership. Honestly, he can do so because most of these kings made no eternal impact on the people they ruled. They wasted their rule on personal plans or upon sinful activities. The few that chose to follow God normally take up more space simply because they actually made an impact upon the people. God does that! When He is in control, He makes an impact upon the lives of those people He brings into our lives. That impact can be something as simple as a smile or a hug, but it is still making a dent in that heart that has been hardened by the world. When sin dominates our lives, our focus turns inward, and we make no real impact. We may lead or serve during an important event in history, but we, personally, do not leave a lasting legacy through the people we minister to. Have you surrendered to the point that God has free reign to work in you and through you for His glory? Is your life making a lasting impact upon the people you spend time with regularly or that you love deeply? If not, it may be time to take a serious look at your life and at who is sitting on the throne? Your impact upon others will never be life-changing and eternal if God is not sitting in His proper place in your life!

Help me, Lord, to make an impact upon this world for Your glory. Help me to surrender daily to Your Spirit and to Your leadership so You can use me to love and meet the needs of those around me.