I find it interesting that the kings of Israel loved to do what was "right in their own eyes" until it created so many problems that their existence was threatened. Suddenly, those people who so vehemently rejected God's plan made a u-turn and sought the Lord for help in their distress. I have no doubt that God sometimes lets us hit "rock bottom" so we will have to look to Him for help in our struggles. Is that type of repentance always heartfelt and lasting? We read that the kings of Israel never removed all the high places or the Asherah poles that were used to worship false gods. They turned to God for help but still held to their previous sins. Amazingly, God stepped in and helped because they sought His assistance alone. It reminds us just how badly He wants to help His people. God is so ready to step into your life and help, but it takes humility; it takes a willingness to admit that my ways are not working and seeking His way as a replacement. Believe it or not, that is an act of faith. We believe God can do far more than we can so we seek Him. My prayer is that we seek Him with our whole hearts so that He can continue to pour out His blessings upon our lives. We do not just need God in our difficult moments; we need Him when times are good and when they are difficult. We need to know His plan and walk in it so we can enjoy God's best.

Help me, Lord, to seek Your will for my day and then follow as You reveal it. Help me to turn to You wholeheartedly so that You can bless my life and my home continuously.