Joash continues to honor the Lord by focusing his attention upon cleaning out and re-establishing the temple as the place for Jews to worship. He orders the priests to separate the offerings with certain offerings set aside for their needs and the rest for the temple work. The people who worked on the temple did so on the honor system so no real records were kept. It amazes me that so much money had to be spent to prepare the temple for worship. How could God's people allow His temple to fall into such disrepair? The answer lies in their priorities that shifted to the worship of false gods and not Yahweh. As their priorities shifted so did the care for the temple, thus the incredible clean-up project initiated by the king. God no longer lives in buildings; He lives inside people which means we are the temples of the God on this earth. How clean and usable is your temple today? Have you taken center stage in God's temple, or does He sit on the throne of your life? Our temples can fall into disrepair just like the Old Testament temple did. We, too, can forget what is most important and begin to worship the creation and not the Creator. Who is going to initiate the change in your temple? God will do all He can to get your attention, but in the end, you and I must choose to put Him on the throne.

Help me, Lord, to bow my knee to You, my King. Help me to keep this temple clean and usable for Your honor and Your glory!