Sin always catches up to you! Athaliah, the queen mother of Judah, kills all of the "royal family" and assumes the throne after her sons death. She follows in the ways of Israel and reigns for seven years until a young prince is found and declared king of Judah. He is seven years old and has been in hiding almost since his birth. When Joash is declared king, the queen mother is taken out of the temple and is assassinated. Her measurement of judgment was meted out to her exactly. She killed to get in power and was killed as her power was stripped away. While Joash was only seven, he had godly advisers who encouraged him to destroy all the high places in Judah and draw the people back to Yahweh. Even as Christians, we like to play with sin thinking life is a game that is easily won. In truth, sin can creep in and take control of your life before you even realize what is happening. Life is not a game, it is a battle, and we must prepare well for it by learning how to fight sin and then applying that knowledge when temptation comes our way. Athaliah is a great reminder that sin will always catch up to you. It may take seven years or a lifetime, but it will always catch up with you.

Help me, Lord, to learn how to fight sin and then to apply that knowledge to everything I do. Help me to enjoy victory over temptation and stop playing games with sin.