Is partial obedience equal to complete obedience? The new king of Israel, Jehu, destroys the house of Ahab just as God commanded him. He was thorough and left no one alive, including close friends and confidants. He even killed all the prophets of Baal and destroyed their place of worship. God praised his excellent work and promised to give him four generations of kings from his family. This was an incredible promise to a king of the divided Israel because very few ever honored or pleased Him. Jehu honored God in this one area, but still left the high places that Jeroboam set up as the first king of the divided Israel. He obeyed but not completely which opened the door for his enemies to attack and defeat significant parts of the land. Israel shrunk under Jehu's rule simply because he would not serve the Lord and Him alone. We are all sinners; therefore, we all still sin, but God has called us to a life of constant forgiveness and obedience. When, however, we do not walk in complete obedience, then we open doors that really never need to be opened, and we allow things in our lives that never need to be there. We settle for okay but never enjoy God's best. What will it take to push you to a life of complete obedience to God? Why would you want to live any other life? We like to blame it on the weakness of our flesh, but Paul reminds us that in our weakness, He is strong. Obey Him fully today and enjoy His strength in the battle with sin.

Help me, Lord, to obey You completely. Help me to find strength from You to overcome those sins that hold so tightly and never seem to want to let go.