Two important lessons can be learned through today's text. God speaks through His people (prophet, priest, pastor, preacher," to those He has a definite message for. Yahweh spoke directly to the wicked king through Elijah, his faithful prophet. God is always speaking whether through His person, His Word, or His Spirit. In our ignorance, God will use more than one of these at a time to get our attention and show us the next step. Ahaziah had no desire to walk with God so he heard the word of the prophet and struggled to believe it Maybe he thought that God was too merciful to judge his wickedness or possibly he saw himself as equal to God and able to determine his own destiny. At times, we come to God with that same doubt and self-delusion causing the Almighty to act just as He promised. God speaks clearly through His people. God also determines our earthly destiny, and our eternal one. Stop applying the ignorant ideas of our current culture to Yahweh. His ways are are higher than ours, and His thoughts are far beyond our understanding. He can and will do as He chooses. For Ahaziah, God's choice was death due to his horrendous lifestyle and leadership. The king always saw himself as above God's law, but he soon learned the truth.

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your people as they provide truth to all who will listen. Help me to stop seeing myself as more important than I really am and submit to Your authority and power.