This one-chapter letter provides beautiful insight into the Early Church.  There was clearly a strong bond between the churches in the Roman Empire.  It is quite possible that John’s letter was written to a church and not just a family.  John reminds these believers that true love is revealed through obedience.  For a Christ-follower, that means that we live to obey our God’s commandments.  As we live in obedience, we are constantly reminded of God’s Spirit living in us and of His incredible power working around us.  We also begin to love our neighbor like never before, because God commanded us to do just that.  Again, our love is revealed through that obedience.  How faithful are you to walk in obedience to God’s commandments?  He has made it so easy for us, in that, we no longer have to worry with over six hundred plus laws!  Now, we can follow two simple commandments and live a life filled with God’s goodness and grace.  Will obedience stop all problems and heartaches?  Absolutely not!  We need difficulties to sharpen us and help us grow in our faith; however, obedience to God’s plan will keep some troubles from our lives.  It is like a “natural protection” for us, because we live inside the boundaries God has created.  We can never forget that Jesus is more than worthy of that obedience and that it should saturate our churches.

Help me, Lord, to live in complete obedience to Your commandments.  Help me to love You above all else as I️ make Your plan my priority in life.