MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Solomon's fame spread throughout the world of that day. The Queen of Sheba hears of Solomon's wisdom and his wealth, and she decides to visit to see if it is actually true. Once she arrives, the queen is amazed at Solomon's kingdom and by the king, himself. She gladly tells them that she is more impressed than she expected for everything was far better than even the rumors claimed. Solomon used his gifts and God's blessings to create a kingdom that even the most heathen of kings and queens could admire. In the end, his work brought the greatest glory to God. Yes, Solomon was credited with some of the successes, but he knew better than to accept those accolades; instead, he focused them all on Yahweh. I believe that God has created us and called us to be His light in this dark world. He has called us to live in such a way that people can see the difference. He also asks that we give Him all the glory for the marvelous works that He does through us. We may never meet the Queen of Sheba or any other "famous" person, but we have the opportunity almost daily to positively impact people for Him! Solomon made an impact upon the queen, and God has called us to do the same with those He brings into our lives.

Help me, Lord, to use every gift and every blessing to build Your kingdom for Your glory. Help me to positively impact the people You bring into my life by living as Your light in this world.