Now that the temple is complete, Solomon moves his Egyptian wife into the new palace and sets the kingdom up for success in every one of its ventures. His wisdom guides the nation towards greater wealth and peace and keeps them on the straight path that God has set out before them. His kingdom is the envy of all other kingdoms and his power was unmatched in all the world. This is God's man for this moment in the history of His people, and it was obvious that his hand was upon the wise king. Do we, as Christ-followers, have that same kind of reputation? Do people look at our lives and see God's hand upon us? At this point in human history, this world needs to see those kinds of people. They need to see His goodness flowing freely through our lives, and they need to see His power lighting upon us. What needs to change for that to happen? Our focus must be on the little things in life...quality time every day in God's Word, time set aside daily for prayer, and a focus upon making disciples through one-on-one discipleship. We must be sold out to the One who gave everything for us so that we can do amazing works for Him. Do you want to see the people in your world transformed by God Almighty? You are the one they are watching, and you are the one God has called to lead them to a consistent, faithful walk with Him.

Help me, Lord, to live in such a way that people cannot help but see You at work in and through my life. Help me to make such an impact on those I spend time with in 2019 that their lives (and mine) will never be the same.