After Solomon's prayer and sacrifices, fire comes down from heaven and consumes everything on the altar. God is revealing His presence to His people, and He does not want anyone to wonder if it is Him. The people bow before Him and acknowledge His presence in their midst. They watch as He fills the temple completely and know that their God now dwells on earth with His people. How do people experience God's presence today? Those who are Christ-followers should experience His presence everyday since He lives inside of us. Corporate worship is also a time where we commonly experience God's presence. Most people, however, are not Christ-followers which, most likely means, they do not attend church; therefore, their only hope of experiencing God's presence is you. We are His hands and feet, and you may be the only one He can use in your office complex, neighborhood, or community center. You may be the only Jesus they ever see. Do people know that God is alive and well on this earth today? Do they see Him at work in you each and every day? Our witness may never produce fruit, but God has called us to be "seed-planters." He never said we would win them all; He simply told us to "go" and "make disciples." How did your hands and feet work as His hands and feet at work or school this week? Solomon and all of Israel knew God was right there with them; they had no doubt. Do they people you live next to, work with, and workout with know that He exists and that He is at work in your life today?

Help me, Lord, to tell of Your marvelous works every opportunity I get. Help me to be Your hands and feet, in my neighborhood, and wherever else You might put me.