After the celebration, Solomon gets serious about the future of the temple and of God's people. He offers a prayer of dedication and of protection over his people who will continue on without him at some point. He prays for their faithfulness to God's cause and for repentance when they make mistakes. He prays that God will restore them to the land if they are ever taken captive and moved to a foreign land. Solomon understands how easily things can change. At the moment, the Jews are walking with God and enjoying His incredible blessings, but in a short time, they could rebel against Him and follow their flesh into less than the best, so Solomon prays for them. How often do you pray for your kids? Some children stay on the straight path in life, and others stray far from it, but both need the prayers of faithful parents who always want the best for their offspring. As your children mature into young adulthood and beyond, they must be free to make their own decisions -- good or bad. Adulting is all about facing the consequences of our choices; therefore, a young adult who is not allowed to do so will never really mature into a thriving adult. We have to let go and pray, pray, pray for our children. Be honest and real with them, but never stop praying.

Help me, Lord, to pray for my kids daily. Help me to pray for them if they walk with You or rebel against You, because I love them and always want the best for their lives.