Friday, December 21, 2018

2 Chronicles 5


The temple is finally finished and the celebration in Jerusalem begins. Solomon invites all the leaders of the tribes of Israel to the capital city to celebrate with him. He offers incredible numbers of sacrifices, and the people praise God for His provision and protection during the temple's construction. How often do we celebrate God's incredible work in our churches? When was the last time your church community stopped everything and just praised God for His provision and protection? We serve a God who is still as mighty as He was in Solomon's day, and He is still working in miraculous ways, but we are either too busy or too exhausted to notice. God deserves to be praised, and people notice when His people truly start to do so. Not only do people notice, but God notices, as well, and responds. The chapter ends with God's presence being so thick in the temple that the people could not enter it. Are we even interested in seeing God do something like that in our churches? He lives in each one of us and hopefully rules each of our lives; therefore, He is worthy of a celebration. As you prepare your heart and mind for Christmas Day, will you commit now to take some time to celebrate Jesus' birth? He is so worthy of our praise!

Help me, Lord, to celebrate Your amazing work in my life and in my church. Help me to lead the celebration in my home this Christmas season as we say "Happy Birthday" to Jesus.