As Solomon's construction crew continues to put together this magnificent place of worship, it is important to note the incredible detail that adds to the beauty and wonder of the temple. I am definitely not a detail person so it takes me forever to notice the "little" things in life. This temple would provide something new to marvel at every time a person got close to it. Those minute details did not derail the people from the purpose of every part of the temple. They knew what each piece was built to do even as they focused on the details. Our culture tells us not to sweat the details, but it is obvious from this text that those details can take something from good or acceptable to marvelous and amazing. As you and I study a text or prepare to teach/preach a text, I want to encourage you to focus your attention on the details. What is unique about that situation or circumstance? How does it differ from today's culture? These questions cause you to dig deeper and may uncover a truth or principle that you did not see on the surface. Those little details could radically change your views on God's Word and God's work on this earth. How often do you consider the details that the Biblical writer provides? How willing are you to change your study habits to include a real focus on the details? That simple change could radically transform your 2019.

Help me, Lord, to study the details You provide in Your Word so that I can understand what You were saying to me. Help me to study for my own personal growth and to help others grow in their faith.