Josiah continues to remind us of his impact upon God's people. He institutes the Passover once again. While Hezekiah did the same during his reign, Josiah takes the time to follow every step the Scripture reveals to celebrate the Passover just the way God prescribed it. He set up the sacrifices exactly as God said to; he set up the singers according to the Scriptures; and he even returned the Ark to its proper place just as the Law commanded. This is a man who saw the Bible as preeminent and did everything he could to put it first above his own ideas or plans. The people loved every minute of it, because it was done God's way. They experienced God and encountered Him daily through the Passover feast. This was a beautiful time for all who attended including some Israelites who came across the border to worship Yahweh. I cannot tell you just how important it is that we learn to live our lives according to the Scriptures and not according to the culture. We must seek God's wisdom and learn God's ways and then follow them with all our hearts. We must stop allowing our culture to influence our decisions; instead, we must seek knowledge from the Lord and ask Him for the wisdom to apply it. I realize that men and women across this country are spouting lies about the need for certain parts of the Bible or for any of it at all, but rest assured, God did not preserve His Word through the centuries so we could discard some of it. Let us follow Josiah's example and take the whole Word as truth and live by it to the best of our abilities!

Help me, Lord, to follow the example set by this godly king and make Your Word preeminent in my life. Help me to make every decision based upon the truth of Scripture and not upon the culture I live in.