Josiah is one of my favorite kings of the divided kingdom. His reign began when he was a child. At sixteen years of age, he decided to walk with God and honor Him with his life. At twenty, he began to rid his nation of idols, altars, and Asherah poles. He took his cleansing outside the realms of his kingdom and tried to stop the worship of false gods in several tribes of Israel. Then he began work renovating the temple of God and put the Levites and other religious leaders in charge of all the money and the work being done. During the renovation, Josiah's crew found a book and delivered it to the king. It was the book of the Law. Once it was read to him, Josiah tore his robes and sought spiritual insight on what was coming upon his nation. God saw Josiah's heart and promised to keep him from seeing the destruction that He was going to bring upon Judah. Josiah's life and reign made an impact upon Judah and upon God's timetable for destruction. You and I can never forget just how important our spiritual walk is for those who God has brought into our lives. It is easy to think that we are islands that do not impact other islands, but God made us to be people who are in relationship with other people and constantly making an impact upon them. What kind of impact are you making on those you love most?

Help me, Lord, to make a positive impact upon the people that are closest to me. Help me to study Your Word, live according to Your plan, and make a difference in the lives of people You bring into my life.