Hezekiah was a man who loved the Lord and served him faithfully. He enjoyed peace and prosperity in the land until Sennacharib, the king of Assyria, attacked Judah and began to lay siege upon several of the cities. Hezekiah prepared his people, and he prayed for God's deliverance. Isaiah, the prophet, prayed, as well, even when the foreign king made threats against the people and insulted their God. In Sennacherib's mind, every god was the same, and he already defeated many of the gods of other nations. Why would his success suddenly change? Sennacharib totally underestimated Yahweh's ability to defend His people. When an angel came and killed many of the Assyrian commanders and military leaders, the king fled home with his tail between his legs and was eventually assassinated by his own countrymen. Faith and pride are not compatible. Your life is built on one or the other. Sennacherib's pride was earned in the sense that he defeated a large portion of the known world, but Hezekiah and Isaiah's faith overcame his pride and sent him packing. Pride can lead us to great power or wealth, but it can never bring contentment or peace. It is always on the look out for "me" and has no room for anyone else. Pride is a destructive force, but it is no match for faith in Yahweh. Are you walking in pride or in faith today? Hezekiah provides a strong example for us to follow.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith today. Help me to overcome the pride that lurks just under the surface and to find my strength and hope in You alone.