I love that Hezekiah made the spiritual health of his people his number one priority. Why would he do that? He understood that the people needed a personal relationship with God more than anything else in life. When that relationship is right, then everything else fits perfectly into place. I no longer prioritize my kids over my spouse or my work over my kids, because everything is given its proper place in Christ. Once He is king, then my spouse follows, then kids and then work, church, and whatever else is important to me. You might wonder if putting work third or fourth on the priority list would create financial issues. When God is on His throne in our lives, then money is not an issue. That does not mean we will be rich, but it does mean that God promises to meet our needs. When work follows my wife and kids on the priority list, I do not have to bring it home or let it dictate my thoughts while with my family. Jesus helps put everything in its proper place. Hezekiah understood this phenomena and focused his attention upon the temple, the priests, and worship. He did not deviate; instead, he put them as priority number one and trusted God to take care of the rest. Have you put God at the top of your priority list? If so, prove it. What has changed since He became priority number one?

Help me, Lord, to put You at the top of my priority list. Help me to find balance as I put everything under Your care and Your control.