Hezekiah must have read the Law, because he realized that God expected them to observe the Passover every year. He calls the people of Judah and Israel to worship God with the Passover feast. Jerusalem was filled with people, and those who attended recognized that God was present with them. It is amazing to realize that these people were so far removed from God that they had no idea what the Passover was. One of the greatest Jewish feasts was forgotten due to idol worship and a loss of morality. Hezekiah's attempt to bring his people's attention back to the Lord and to include those in Israel took incredible courage and yet revealed more of the incredible power of God's presence. These people were literally changed because they encountered the Almighty during the seven-day feast. Over the last fifty to sixty years, we have seen an incredible shift in the United States. We have forgotten what worship is really all about, and we have forgotten our great need for Jesus each and every day of our lives. Hezekiah determined to break the cycles of rebellion and ignorance by returning to God's Law and learning from Him. Will you follow His lead? The church needs people who are focused on reading and applying God's Word and not upon their own ideas or plans.

Help me, Lord, to depend upon Your Word for guidance and direction in my everyday life. Help me to lead others to follow Your plan for life and not their own.