Hezekiah is the next king to sit on the throne of Judah, and he loved God and served him throughout his twenty-nine year reign. His first order of business was to get the temple back in working order. It was the centerpiece of the Jewish faith, and Hezekiah knew that it must be a priority. He started immediately and brought the Levites and the priests back into service. He also made a covenant with God and lived by it throughout his reign. Hezekiah knew that Yahweh was the key to everything that he did, and the key to revitalizing a nation that had been decimated by drama and chaos. Hezekiah had a clear vision of what Judah should look like, and he knew that God was at the center of it all. Do you have that same confidence? Do you recognize the importance of a daily walk with God for your future success and stamina? The old hymn reminds us that "without Him I could do nothing," do you believe that to be true? At some point in life, we must accept the fact that we are not enough by ourselves. We were made to be in relationship with God and to worship Him. We were made to be dependent upon a greater Power, and we were made to walk with Him and talk with Him every day. God is at the center of all that we are and all that we do! Trust Him today and walk closely with Him! You will not be disappointed.

Help me, Lord, to understand that "without You I could do nothing." Help me to trust You and walk closely with You as our relationship grows and my worship gets even more focused on You.