Do you see the difference in Jotham and his son, Ahaz? Jotham walked faithfully with God and enjoyed a blessed life and reign over Israel. Ahaz, on the other hand, chose to rebel against God and walk in the ways of the kings of Israel. He worshiped false gods, literally stripped the temple of all its belongings, and set up altars on every street corner. He worshiped the gods of those who defeated him thinking they had more power than Yahweh. His whole reign was filled with drama, chaos, and defeat. He watched as Jerusalem was defeated and his people were taken into captivity. His rebellion sapped all his spiritual strength and military might and created great heartache in Judah. Ahaz knew a better way. That is what keeps ringing in my mind. He knew what his father did and the success he enjoyed, but he chose to walk in rebellion and lose everything his father gained. Why? The only answer that I can think of is pride. He cannot plead ignorance so he must of thought that his way was better than God's. We do that rather frequently in our personal lives, but hopefully, not to the extent of Ahaz. When we start walking in pride, we see the exact same problems creep up in our own lives. We struggle with enemies that were once defeated. We live in drama and chaos when our lives used to be filled with peace and great promise for the future. Pride will destroy us! Stay away from it, my friends.

Help me, Lord, to overcome my pride and walk in obedience to You. Help me to follow the godly examples You have brought into my life and not depend upon myself for a superficial success.