Jotham now sits on the throne of Judah following his father, Uzziah. He has already ruled the nation in his father's stead due to leprosy. He is a godly king who enjoyed incredible victories in his sixteen-year reign. The thing that hits me when I read this chapter is the fact that it is kind of "blah." It has no drama, no chaos, and no loss. Jotham chose to walk with God, and he enjoyed an honorable reign and lived at peace. He had the Ammonites giving him incredible amounts of silver, wheat, and barley; so his reign was prosperous, as well. We do not read of any major hiccups or serious problems that plagued the nation under his rule. Why? The simple answer is faith. Jotham believed that God's ways led to the best in life, and he walked in those ways throughout his life. Faith caused Jotham to prosper, to enjoy incredible victories, and to live at peace with the nations around him. Faith will have some of the same impact upon your life. When you walk with God, you actually miss out on many of the major issues that other people experience. If you choose to live as His Word teaches, then you will enjoy God's blessings and goodness upon your life. We do not get to decide what those blessings and goodness might look like, but we can know our lives will not be filled with drama or chaos. Life will never be perfect, but it can be pretty incredible when we choose to walk with the Lord.

Help me, Lord, to walk closely with You. Help me to trust Your plan for my life and live according to Your Word each and every day.