Uzziah is the next king to sit on the throne of Judah, and he served the Lord for a majority of his reign. He retook many of the towns and villages lost by past kings and reestablished a strong agricultural community. The Chronicler actually tells us that he loves the earth and enjoys seeing it produce as God intended it to. Eventually the power of his position influenced him to rebel against the Lord and worship other gods. He went to the temple to dishonor Yahweh, and a group of priests confronted him with the truth. As his anger grew, Uzziah felt something change on his forehead. God gave the king leprosy which means he could not be around others. His son took charge of the palace and the kingdom and Uzziah was outcast to a private room for the remainder of his life. If God did something like that in our lives, how would we respond? Would we blame Him? Would we be angry with Him? Would we understand and accept our part in the problem? Today's culture loves to blame others for personal failure. It is our parent's fault, our teacher's fault, or our pastor's fault. God did not blame Uzziah's father, tutor, or priest; he paid the price for his decision to follow his flesh. He suffered miserably because of his sin. Each person will be held accountable for his/her sin. We cannot escape it, but we can trust Jesus and radically change our judgment day!

Help me, Lord, to take full responsibility for my sinful words, actions, and attitudes. Help me to seek Your forgiveness for my sin and rest in what You have done not the mess I have made.