The Chronicler immediately tells us that Amaziah, the new king of Judah, is floundering between worshiping God and worshiping the false gods of the nations around him. He does some good work, makes a few wise decisions and even listens to the prophet that God sends to him. When, however, God gives him victory over his enemies, he brings home their foreign gods and begins to worship them. How can a man who has so much going for him make such a foolish decision? He was not fully committed to the Lord. He did not rid the land of the false gods his father worshiped which left the door open for him to follow in his father's footsteps. He never gave God complete control of his heart and mind, and this is the result. Of course, his rejection of God brought on even greater problems in his kingdom and in his personal life. How committed are you to Jesus? Are you fully committed meaning you have closed off all avenues for sin to re-enter and wreak havoc, or are you still playing games with sin believing you can handle it? Amaziah is the perfect example of how we cannot handle sin in our lives. It will bring death to something; therefore, we must commit our hearts fully to the Lord and enjoy life in Jesus and not in our flesh. Are you fully committed to the Lord? You will not regret it.

Help me, Lord, to commit my heart and mind fully to You. Help me to destroy all avenues for sin to come back into my life and to "take up my cross daily and follow You."