How does a king go from godly to ungodly halfway through his life? For Joash, it seems that those who influenced him most changed which completely changed his way of thinking and living. The priest who raised him and protected him for so many years also provided wise counsel to the young king and even chose two wives for him. He gave godly counsel that led the king to walk in God's ways and lead his people to do the same. Once the priest passed away, Joash gains new counselors who seem to lead him in a completely different direction. Suddenly, wickedness and the worship of false gods dominated the Jewish culture, and the king led the way. It got so bad that God sent an enemy to attack and defeat Jerusalem and wound the king. Joash was eventually assassinated by some of the government officials and was not buried with the kings. In other words, the first part of his reign did not overcome the wickedness that dominated the second part of his reign over Judah. What would stop us from following in the young king's footsteps? I believe a love relationship with God will never end. Sadly, we struggle many times to even understand how to love God. We follow the rules and check the boxes, but have we fallen so deeply in love with Him that He is our life? The flesh will always be with us on this earth, but a deep, abiding love relationship with God can help us overcome the flesh and live in victory during all seasons of life. Do you truly love Him today?

Help me, Lord, to listen to those who love You and who will lead me to love You, as well. Help me to love You so deeply that I could never imagine rebelling against You for any length of time.