Jehoram's son, Ahaziah, also rebelled against the Lord. He only reigned for one year on the throne of Judah. Upon his death, his mother, Athaliah, killed the rest of the royal family and took control as queen. Can a son or daughter use his mom and/or dad as an excuse for their own failures in life? I believe with all my heart that our parents still have the greatest influence upon who we become as adults. When you have a mother like Athaliah, the influence is negative and destructive. When you are blessed with a mom and dad who love Jesus and live for him, you must see just how good God has been to you. In the end, however, parents will not be the only one's held accountable for what their adult children do. I am responsible to stand before the Lord and give an account of my actions and attitudes. Some children have an easier road to travel because of their godly parents, but God extends grace to every person on this earth. We have a choice to accept it or reject it. God's grace can overcome every obstacle that might stand in our way and can help us walk with Him no matter how dark our childhood might have been. I do believe that parents will stand before the Lord for their unwillingness to lead their children down a godly path, but you and I will be held accountable for the decisions and choices we make, as well. Stop blaming your parents and start making wise choices that must begin with a daily walk with the Almighty.

Help me, Lord, to lay aside every excuse I might use to walk with You and rely, instead, upon Your grace to overcome any obstacle I might face. Help me, as a parent, to raise my kids in Your Word for Your glory and trust You with their future.