I am always amazed that one king can walk faithfully with the Lord, like Jehoshaphat, and his son can rebel against the Lord and take his wickedness to a whole new level. I am not sure how it happens, but it definitely still happens today. What can you and I, as parents, do to keep our children from turning out like Jehoram? The first answer is consistency. When something is wrong, it is always wrong. If we are "wishy-washy" in our parenting, our children will struggle to obey throughout their lives. We must also discipline our children in love. Discipline must be fair; let the time fit the crime, and it must be deployed no matter how much more difficult our lives might become because of it. Finally, our children need to know they are loved no matter what they do or where they end up. Our kids will disappoint us at times; they will hurt us at times; and they will cause us to scratch our heads on a regular basis, but they are our kids, and they are gifts from God. I am not sure if Jehoshaphat truly showed his children unconditional love, but I know we must if we want our kids to have any chance to walk faithfully with God. Jehoram chose to rebel completely against his father and almost destroyed a nation by doing so. Will you make that same mistake?

Help me, Lord, to be consistent, discipline fairly, and love my kids unconditionally. Help me to walk with them throughout their life journey and give them a strong foundation to build upon.