Jehoshaphat again sets a great example for us to follow. He hears of an upcoming attack by a multi-nation army that is far bigger than the army of Judah. Panic would be the normal response in that moment, but this king seeks the Lord and calls for all the officials of his land to join him. They fast and pray specifically for God to spare them from destruction. Jehoshaphat asked God to keep His promises and to protect His people from ruin. God used a prophet to reveal His plan for protecting His people. Again, Jehoshaphat acted in faith and gathered his army preparing them for battle. He believed the victory was already theirs, but he knew they must take the steps necessary to enjoy victory. As they walked by faith, God routed the enemy army causing them to kill each other. When the army of Judah arrived on the scene, no one was left to fight and it took three days to collect all the spoil. God proved Himself once again to Israel and Jehoshaphat led the way. When problems come your way, what is your first response? Panic is the norm, but why not start with prayer? We are praying and fasting today as a church in preparation for an incredible 2019. Could it be that we need to do so more often personally, especially when problems come our way? It worked for Judah, and I have a feeling it will work for each of us if we simply walk by faith and not by fear.

Help me, Lord, to fast and pray when problems pop up in my life. Help me to walk by faith and enjoy Your incredible victory over the greatest problems I could ever face.