Solomon begins building the temple and a palace for himself and his family. He does not try to accomplish this massive project by himself; instead, he turns to his father's friend for wood and craftsmen and then hires the "aliens" in Israel to work on both projects. Solomon knows that this temple and this palace are going to be talked about throughout human history so he determines to make them the best and the biggest possible. With all the skilled craftsmen, those that carried the wood and stone, and the foremen who directed the work, this was a team effort that worked beautifully. While this will be called Solomon's temple, he never actually worked on the project with his hands. He had God's directions and all the people he needed to do the work. Delegation is one of the greatest attributes any Christ-follower can have. It is important because it reveals other attributes like faith and humility. Delegation tells others that you believe in them and their ability to accomplish the task. It is not about micro-managing every aspect of the ministry or team; instead, it is about setting people free to use their gifts for God's glory. We will never succeed in the big works of God until we learn the art of delegation. Solomon understood it and applied it to this work! We must do the same if we are going to see God do something humongous among us.

Help me, Lord, to delegate those responsibilities that can be trusted to others. Help me to do my part in the work but also trust others to do their part, as well.