Jehoshaphat learned a valuable lesson from his liaison with Ahab, the wicked king of Israel. He allowed that lesson to mold the rest of his reign and did not let it hold him down. He went throughout the country reminding people of their need for Yahweh and His laws. He set up judges to help give counsel to those with spiritual, marital, or physical disputes. He allowed the priests and Levites to fulfill their God-given duty and urged the people to go to them for wise counsel or help. Jehoshaphat did all that he could to keep the people focused on their walk with Yahweh. No matter how spiritual you might be, every person on this earth will make mistakes at times. We all fail, and we all lose sight of the goal at times. It is human nature. When God convicts us of that sin then we must confess it and move on with our lives. Yes, Satan knocked us down for a moment, but all our sins are forgiven; therefore, we must get up, shake off the dirt, and return to our ultimate goal of making disciples. This is the lesson Jehoshaphat teaches us in this text. Giving up or quitting our spiritual walk will never lead to a better life. It will actually add all kinds of drama and chaos to a life that was once at peace. Is that really where you want to go? If you are in that spiritual famine we talked about Sunday, then repent and rend your heart for the Lord. He is waiting for you!

Help me, Lord, to get up, shake off the dirt that accrued in my sin, and continue my faith walk with You. Help me to step out of that spiritual famine that has led to drama and chaos so that I can make disciples as You commanded me to do.