Asa's son, Jehoshaphat, followed after the Lord and not after the false gods that some of his forefathers worshiped. He fortified the cities closest to Israel to stop any unwanted attacks. His greatest impact upon Judah came, however, when he sent men of God throughout the land to read and teach the Scriptures to the people. He gave them a strong foundation to build their lives and their worship upon. With so many different voices vying for their attention, Jehoshaphat made sure they heard God's voice through these men who knew and loved the Law. We have many voices vying for out attention today, as well. What voice do people in 2019 need to hear more than any other? It is not the voices on Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC, nor is it the voice of our President and government officials, nor is it the opinion of some spiritual guru; we need to hear God's Word more consistently than ever before, because we see our nation's ignorance of what God is actually saying. They are working off of half-truths or cultural norms and not off of the truth of the Bible. That will never lead to the best in life, because our sin nature destroys all that we try to do. We are inherently less than the best; therefore, we need our God, because He is the best. If, however, we are not hearing God's Word taught from the pulpits across this nation, and we are not spending quality time in the Scriptures each day as followers of Christ, then we cannot expect to somehow honor God on our own.

Help me, Lord, to read and teach Your Word to those you have placed in my life. Help me to spend time daily in Your Word because it will show me how You want me to live and give me ammunition in the daily battle called "life."