After such a strong start, Asa takes a step back in his walk with the Lord. He summons the help of one enemy to defeat another enemy instead of seeking the Lord's help and defeating both enemies. God is not pleased with his decision and punishes him with constant attacks from his enemies. God sends a prophet to reveal Asa's future. During his prophecy, he makes a statement that should hit home with us as we enter into a New Year. God is looking to strengthen those people whose heart is submitted fully to Him. Asa seemed to be that man but revealed a completely different side of himself. He walked in fear and even persecuted some of his own countrymen. As God's people, we must know that He is still searching for those hearts that are fully abandoned to Him. He wants to strengthen those people in such a way that all the world will know the power and might of our Lord. The world continually provides this idea that God is mean and wants to take away all our fun. The God of the Bible is the exact opposite. He wants to strengthen the hearts of His people. He wants to help them succeed and grow in their faith and in their life journey. He has their best at heart. This is the God that we serve. Now, He is calling us to love Him with our whole heart, soul, and mind. Would you commit yourself to that kind of life in 2019? I have a feeling you will never regret it.

Help me, Lord, to seek after You with my whole heart. Help me to enjoy Your strength and Your success as I surrender myself fully to You.