Asa is confronted by one of God's prophets. He is told that "riding the spiritual fence" would never bring about what the king wanted most. Asa listens to the prophet, calls in the priests, and begins to remove any remnant of idol worship in Judah. He realized that good was not enough; God wanted His people to serve Him with excellence. Asa's faithfulness set God free to bring peace and prosperity back to the land of Judah. Every other nation struggled with internal and external distractions, but Judah stayed focused and found God to be faithful to His promises. Have you allowed God to prove Himself to you? Our faithfulness sets us free from many of the problems other people face, and it sets God free to accomplish His many promises in us. Sadly, many Christians never experience God in that way, because they love their sin more than Him. All believers sin, but those who strive to live a sin-free life enjoy incredible victory over sin and in building God's kingdom. Asa watched God remove most of the problems that plagued Judah over the years, because the people followed their king and walked closely with the Lord. Their lives were not perfect, but God made even the tough times more palatable because of His promise of future goodness.

Help me, Lord, to stop "riding the spiritual fence." Help me to commit fully to Your Word and Your way of life and then enjoy Your fulfilled promises in my life.