Asa is the next king to sit on the throne of David. He takes the people to a new level of spirituality by removing all the other places of worship and focusing the people's attention back on the temple in Jerusalem. He wanted them to worship God alone, and He believed that kind of faith would cause God to keep them safe and secure. Judah experienced ten years of peace during Asa' reign, and he gave all the glory to God. When an enemy did finally attack, their army was far bigger than Judah's. Asa prayed for God to intervene and give them the battle. God did just that, and they routed their enemy and enjoyed their spoil. Christ-followers are sometimes accused of having a "pie-in-the-sky" mentality. Our reality, however, is that we still face problems and issues, but we have Emmanuel. He is God with us; therefore, we handle those problems in a far different manner than those without Him. Do people see a difference in your response to stress or hurt? Do they see your faith and complete dependence upon the Almighty when things to do not go your way? Asa did not "freak out" or do something insane; instead, he simply prayed and asked God to do what his army could not. Win or lose, Asa's faith was on display for all to see.

Help me, Lord, to let my faith shine when difficult times come my way. Help me to enjoy Your presence even when I am struggling and trust that You are at work in my life.