Rehoboam's son, Abijah, is the new king of Judah. He has no fear of Israel because he and his people are serving the Lord. He knows that they are walking faithfully with Him and worshiping Him in the manner that He has commanded. They are doing it God's way, and Abijah knows that Israel is not. He gladly reminds them of their own failures and challenges them to retreat from battle. The Israelites did not listen, and Abijah and his army decimated their forces. Even with an army half the size of Israel, Judah defeated its brothers and took back several important cities. Their faith and courage were on display! Do we have that kind of faith and courage? Are we willing to call sin "sin" and walk faithfully with God? Are we willing to challenge those who are clearly walking outside of God's plan encouraging them to repent and return to the Lord? We live in a culture that tells us not to judge others. The problem that we face, as Christ-followers, is that the Bible judges for us. It tells us exactly what God says is right. When we see people doing the opposite of what the Scriptures says, we do not have to judge, because the Bible says they are wrong. It judges sinners and saints. Do we have the courage to believe it and call out sin, especially in the church? Abijah gladly called out the Israelites for their blatant sin against the Lord. He walked by faith, and God is calling us to do the same.

Help me, Lord, to call out sin in the church simply because the Scriptures tell me what is right and wrong. Help me to be courageous in my walk with You and enjoy incredible victory over my enemies.