Rehoboam has proven himself a capable king and settled the kingdom of Judah. His success caused him to lose sight of his first Love. He led the people to follow after false gods and to defame Yahweh's name before their neighbor nations. God immediately sends the Egyptian army to invade, capture, and humiliate the people in Judah. He takes every piece of gold that Solomon put into the temple away, and Rehoboam has to replace it with bronze which used to be worthless but is now suddenly valuable. When they humble themselves before the Lord, He relents on their destruction but still allows them to live as captives to the Egyptians. Have you noticed how quickly your life changes when sin is reintroduced? We struggle personally to see the difference, because we are consumed with our sin, but others see it and know something is wrong. Those battles that we used to win so easily or never even have to fight due to our faith walk are now upon us and rocking our world. Again, the difference is our walk with God. When I am walking with Him, I automatically miss some of the battles that others fight, and I have the strength to overcome those that I do have to fight. Are you walking closely with the Lord at this point in your life, or have you allowed sin, bad attitudes, and foolish decisions to derail your walk? The difference in the two is monumental. Repent and return to the Lord's goodness; you know you have missed it.

Help me, Lord, to walk faithfully with You or to return to that faithful walk with You. Help me to win those battles that I do have to face and to leave the others behind as You, once again, become my first Love.