Rehoboam is known for his incredibly bad decision that split the nation that his father and grandfather ruled. The Chronicler helps us see that Rehoboam was actually a wonderful king who did some great works in Judah. He made wise decisions that benefited his people, and he worked hard to keep them safe and secure. It is obvious that he learned well from his dad who was easily the wisest king to ever live up to that point in human history. He sought the Lord and protected the priests and led the people to follow Yahweh in all that they did. It is quite possible that Rehoboam actually became a better king after making such a horrible decision. He realized just how fragile respect can be, and he spent the rest of his life striving to deserve the respect of the people of Judah and Benjamin. Have you allowed one mistake to destroy your life? Could it be that God might take that mistake and use it to make you an even greater influence in this world for Him? Rehoboam is known for his mistake, but he proved himself to be a wonderful king. Once you own your mistake, why not prove to the world that God can take any failure and use it to bring even greater success? Every other person walking on this earth has messed up big time, and God uses them. Will He not do the same in your life?

Help me, Lord, to stop allowing my failure to dominate my future. Help me to own that mistake and then watch You take it and use it for my good and Your glory.